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My Portfolio

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Travel Articles

Melody Beuzelin has been writing travel articles since 2013 and has many published works featuring destinations all over the US and world. Hover over the images below for more details including the client, date and medium.


Additional Projects

Melody's skillset goes beyond traditional writing. Below are examples of projects she's lead or contributed to which includes multi-media campaigns, product launches, branding and modeling.  

14- Day Instagram Challenge #YogaForWorldPeace2016

Role:Creator, producer, writer

Client: Yoga Lifestyles

Objective: Increase followers by 10% by invite audience to participate in challenge, where they publish daily posts to Instagram. Each pose tied into an Olympic game during the 2016 summer Olympics to inspire world peace and unity across cultures combine interests.

Results: more than 2,000 new hashtags and a 16% increase in followers


Print poster infographic for Hawaii resort

Client: WorldMark by Wyndham


Objective: Inform guests of Hawaii resort about construction of added solar panels in a friendly, engaging and informative way, communicating the energy-saving benefits to preserve the beauty and nature of the island.

We could create something powerful together.