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Welcome, savages.

This space was created to help you break away from your comfort zone so you can bring your thoughts, voice and ideas to life. 

And I'm here to shake things up and inspire you to tell your story, whether it's in words, through video, products or expressing yourself with your body (uh huh, honey).

Things are about to get messy. Once you embrace that, the real fun begins.

{coming soon} Become a savage in 10 simple steps, download my free guide here. 

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Wild Thoughts

Provocative, raw and uncensored content.

Poetry, short stories and more.

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Tame Thoughts

Lifestyle content that won't bore the sh*t out of you. 

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I'm Melody

I don't care about the weather we're having, that it's Thursday or where you got your shoes from. Tell me, what lights that fire behind your eyes? I want to know what makes your soul burn.

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