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Welcome, savages.

I'm a writer, brand & media producer serving the travel, yoga, health and wellness space and I want to help you bring your thoughts, voice and ideas to life.

I'm here to shake things up, push the boundaries of your comfort zone and help you tell your story whether you're part of a brand or a creative individual looking to build something: through words, video, photos, or with your body (uh huh, honey).

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Wild Thoughts

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Provocative, raw and uncensored content that challenges the unexpected.

{Poetry | Short Stories and more}

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Tame Thoughts


Lifestyle content that won't bore the sh*t out of you.

{Travel | Culture | Personal & Professional Development}


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About Me

A collection of raw thoughts from an untamed mind to help you grow as a creative.



Melody Beuzelin

Who am I?

Tl;dr: Consider this a cheeky invitation to think a little differently than you did thirty seconds ago.

My goal is to help you bring your creative vision (both big and small) to life and create new possibility through storytelling.

In my blog (Tame Thoughts) you'll find content that will help you transform personally and professionally, like blog articles and videos on branding, yoga, wellness and travel.

But because we are multilayered, complex beings, I don't believe our tame side can exist without another more wild side. You'll find something very unexpected in my Wild Thoughts section, a space that offers uncensored perspective content, where my raw, uninhibited and sometimes provocative thoughts live. It's where I give myself permission to be an unapologetic savage through poetry, short stories and more in hopes that you'll be fearless to do the same in your own expression.

Live creatively. Express boldly. Embrace the duality of your inner self to create your own reality. And that's only the beginning. 

Your work should be your passion, your life-force. Let me help you get unstuck.

I want to inspire you in an unconventional way, and occasionally make you uncomfortable with my words. In fact, I really hope I do. But in the event I don't offend you, connect with me immediately so I can fix that right away.


"Right from the start, Melody provided creative and conceptual ideas that truly added value to our communications. We worked in a fast-paced, deadline-driven division with multiple priorities and overlapping projects, yet Melody was always able to stay on top of her workload and deliver content that was informative and engaging.

She is reliable, innovative, always meets her deadlines, and her articles consistently go above and beyond what we’ve asked for. I look forward to continue working with Melody on a freelance basis as she has proven to be an invaluable asset to our team and brand."

-Anna Reinert, Brand Managing Editor, Wyndham


Professional Work

writer. MEDIA producer. brand CONSULTAnt. Journalist. 300 Hr CYT 

"I don't care about the weather we're having or that it's Thursday or where you got your shoes from. Tell me, what lights that fire behind your eyes? I want to know what makes your soul burn."

Melody has written and produced award-winning content for print, television, digital, advertising, public relations and sales for a variety of big-name brands. You can request to view a digital portfolio of her work here. She is currently a travel writer for clients such as Wyndham Worldwide in addition to an editor and producer (both in front and behind the camera) for Yoga Lifestyles, a startup media company focusing on yoga, health and wellness. She also freelance writes and consults individuals and companies to help grow their brand authentically.

She received her 300-hour training certification in Vinyasa Yoga as well as a certificate in personal training, living her practice and teaching between major projects.

We could create something powerful together.