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A collection of raw thoughts from an untamed mind.



Melody Beuzelin


Tl;dr: Consider this a cheeky invitation to think a little differently than you did thirty seconds ago.

I wanted to contribute something more powerful than pretty pictures on Instagram.

I also didn't want to choose between spilling my thoughts about subjects I feel strong about and writing poetry, short stories and beads of knowledge that, when carefully strung together, create something that's decadent yet versatile enough to be applied to any scenario. Including yours. 

So I created Passion Savage.

This is a space where my uncensored, raw and uninhibited thoughts on issues that typically get glazed over live -- where I give myself the permission to be an unapologetic savage.

An unexpected interruption of yoga, wellness and travel, from a passionate outsider -- my more tame side

An extension of myself, who refuses to adhere to the limiting societal dimensions that's tragically expected of us. Much like you were, are, or eventually will be.

So here we are.

I want to inspire you in an unconventional way. And I probably will occasionally make you uncomfortable with my words. In fact, I really hope I do.


Who am I?

writer. producer. Director. branding. journalism. Yoga instructor.

"I don't care about the weather we're having or that it's Thursday or where you got your shoes from. Tell me, what lights that fire behind your eyes? I want to know what makes your soul burn."

Melody has written and produced award-winning content for print, television, digital, advertising, public relations and sales for a variety of big-name brands. You can find some of her work in her digital portfolio here. She is currently a travel writer for Wyndham Worldwide in addition to producing and directing (both in front and behind the camera) for Yoga Lifestyles, a startup media company focusing on yoga, health and wellness.

She received her 300-hour training certification in Vinyasa Yoga as well as a certificate in personal training, living her practice and teaching between major projects.