How to Use a Yoga Wheel (Funny)

Ever Wondered How to Use a Yoga Wheel?

When I first saw yoga wheels pop up on Instagram, I had no clue what they were for. They did make for a pretty picture...but did they actually work? In yoga, we're taught that you don't need anything in your practice except for your mind and body. By definition, this would apply to yoga mats, towels and even fancy, overpriced apparel.

But here's the thing. If something exists in your asana practice to deepen your stretches, improve mobility and help with circulation, I'm all for it. After putting it to the test, I discovered the yoga wheel does just that. In the somewhat silly video above, I go over what a yoga wheel is and five poses you can use with it in your practice, not only as a tool for strengthening your core and stabilizer muscles, relieving lower back pain and enhancing your stretches, but ways you can incorporate it into your daily lifestyle, if it does end up collecting dust in your closet.

About the Wheel

I used the ZURA wheel in my video. Of all the wheels I've tried, this one was my favorite, and here's just some of the reasons why:

  • It's extra wide, 5.5 inches so you can lay your whole body across it
  • Made of eco-friendly material: all-natural rubber and recycled plastic
  • Acupressure points: This is great for getting the blood circulating throughout your body

If you're into it, get the ZURA Yoga wheel featured in this video on Amazon, or find it on the ZURA website and get a special 20% off your purchase with code ZURATUBE20 at checkout.

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