Let's Skip the Small Talk: I've Found a New Way to Connect with You


Something really funny happens when you get certified as a yoga instructor: you realize you know nothing. And that realization comes from the knowledge you've accumulated over the course of 10 months (or however long your YTT program is), when you realize you've been studying just a speck of what's actually out there. It is this sudden awareness that you know nothing that makes you question your very existence.

It's interesting being the editor of Yoga Lifestyles, as I get tons, TONS of questions all the time from readers who are curious about the practice itself, meditation, essential oils, wellness products, mindfulness or just how to improve their lifestyle to make better choices for themselves and others. 

Guys, here's the thing. I don't sit in the center of a blooming lotus flower, pretending to know everything. I will never, ever claim to have all the answers. But my life’s work has been to find them, first and foremost as a storyteller. And then more recently through yoga, where I’ve discovered that even if I’m not teaching a physical class in a studio in front of a group of students, I’m always teaching. I'm teaching every damn moment through the content I publish: my words, videos and actions.

I've also seen first hand how corrupt the nature of the media is. I want no part of this new wave of pseudo science and journalism. I want facts. But I also want connection. Because of this duality, I'm constantly thinking of new ways to give you both.

So. I’m excited to announce I’ve found a new way to do just that. I’ve signed on as a creator with scaleabout.com, a new platform that connects creators with their audiences in an authentic way through personalized videos. 

Here, you can ask me a question and I’ll send you a custom video response, or point you in the right direction with helpful articles and video from Yoga Lifestyles and other resources. If you want to dive deeper, I’ve listed out a few services such as pose tutorials, guided meditations, branding development and more. 
And besides me, there’s tons of awesome creators such as diy and beauty bloggers, graphic designers, and more if that's your thing. Come see for yourself.

Melody BeuzelinComment