I Review Yogi Surprise Box Subscription: It's Like Coachella in a Box!


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I’m not really the type to get attached to things.

I do tend to hold onto memories, and in fact, I still have concert tickets, movie stubs and crinkled notes (before texting murdered that art) I’ve passed with my friends from high school.

Until recently, I could pack my whole life into my two-door car. I enjoy nomadic freedom, being able to pick up and go should the moment strike. In college, I would balk at the thought of furniture and instead opt for those plastic storage containers/drawers you can find at target and rented the rest of my furniture. And, I’ve never actually lived in the same home/apartment longer than four years my entire life.

Which brings me back to things. The idea of box subscription services more or less goes like this: you have a specific problem that needs solving or an interest in a particular niche industry and the subscription service curates a box of items that make life a little easier, more enjoyable, and exciting and sends it straight to your door for a streamlined monthly price.

There’s box subscription services for just about any interest, such as for couture clothing, healthy, organic superfood smoothies, and even one for your dog.

There has definitely been an increase in these appearing on the market, and in an ideal world I’d like to subscribe to about 50 of these. But the challenge is finding the right box that caters to your lifestyle AND budget.

I should add that my background is in branding and marketing, and I regularly review products on the health/wellness/yoga niche on the YouTube channel for Yoga Lifestyles (def check that out). As the editor of the blog as well, I see and test A LOT of products, so I’m extremely picky with what I choose to cover.

Full disclosure: This is not a paid or sponsored post, simply an honest, in-depth review in exchange for product.

Here’s a breakdown of my review:

·      What is it?

·      Customer service

·      Packaging

·      What’s inside

·      Who it's best for

·      Final thoughts

Above: Jewelry Box. Below: Lifestyle box.

Above: Jewelry Box. Below: Lifestyle box.


What is it?

Yogi Surprise curates yoga-inspired boxes with the intention of complimenting your way of life. Their website informs, “it’s like a retreat in box!” Nice touch.

The Lifestyle box comes with 6-8 new items each month that include product like cruelty-free cosmetics, organic skincare, wellness treats and aromatherapies. Each box is 44.95/month with the retail value of each box at LEAST $70.

The Jewelry Box comes with a combination of handcrafted necklaces and bracelets created with fair trade materials plus a snackable packaged wellness treat. It’s 24.99/month with the retail value of each box at least $65.


Customer Service

They were very enthusiastic from the beginning to collaborate, so that already made an outstanding impression – and I’m sure you’ll agree as our shopping habits continue to transition from brick-and-mortar retail to online, customer service is JUST as important. I reached out to Yogi Surprise asking if I could have one box to unbox on camera for our Yoga Lifestyles video review (coming soon), and one to write about here on Passion Savage.

I can see why the request should have raised red flags (ughh great, another writer/blogger trying to score free stuff) but they were all about it, and actually sent two sets of BOTH their options: a lifestyle box and a jewelry box. I’m into companies who have such a customer-centric focus, and the fact that they were willing to go above and beyond to get their product exposure is really an awesome move.



I love good packaging. To me, when a brand overlooks crucial details like product packaging, it informs me that they aren’t thinking their whole customer experience through. If your product is attractive before you even get to it, people will want to take pictures of it and use the hashtag if you print it on the box. Brands: It’s free marketing. That’s like going to a hotel and askingyour guests to pay for wifi. How are guests going to take selfies by your newly remodeled pool and deck area (and thus, promoting it for free to their audience) if they have to pay for wifi? Unnaceptable. Anyway.


Yogi Surprise engages me with their product packaging from the start.


The Lifestyle Box: It’s mostly purple with white with bohemian-inspired symbols. Once you open it, you’re greeted with the logo and social media handles neatly layed out. Mine even enticed me to upost a photo on my social media with their hashtag #yogisuprise for a chance to win a yoga retreat. You better believe I’m into that! And even once you dig out all the goodies, there’s a little message at the bottom with a minimalist graphic of Oregon where they indicate their company’s headquarters. It reads “Hello, Beautiful,” and invites me to share my thoughts on their website.

Inside the Yogi Surprise Lifestyle box.

Inside the Yogi Surprise Lifestyle box.


The Jewelry Box: It’s identical just smaller in size (because it holds less product) with a mostly white appearance and purple accents for the designs. It also has inspiring words like “Peace, Beauty and Balance across the edges to get excited about what’s inside.


What’s inside

Lifestyle Box: Each month has a different theme, with each product tailored to that theme. This was July’s box, so it’s nice to know you won’t be getting, let’s say, “organic hempseed sun lotion” in a box for December. Very thoughtful. The July box had:

·      A card explaining the month’s theme, which is “Freedom” and tied in Yoga and the Ocean

·      A card with a six-pose flow to help incorporate freedom in your asana practice

·      An information card listing each item with a description and its value, with a look at a couple of the items you’ll get the following month

·      Mindful Anti-aging eye serum ($49 value)

·      OM handmade journal ($20 value)

·      Skinny Coconut oil ($14 value)

·      Copper Cap Turmeric Latte Mix ($9 value)

·      Aculeaf wearable acupuncture device ($20)

·      Phive Bar ($5 value)


The contents.

The contents.

This whole package has a $117 value – that’s insane. But what about my personal value? First, I am into all of the items in this box, not one of them is something I wouldn’t buy. But, I would probably pay no more than $20 for the serum, $10 for the journal $5 for the latte mix, $10 for the acupuncture device and $4 for the Phive bar (I’m well aware that decent coconut oil just is NOT cheap. I’d pay the full $14 for this jar, especially since its raw, organic, pure virgin and cold processed. This totals my perceived value to $63, which is still considerably more than the $44 price tag. That’s a win for me.


My favorite items? First, the eye serum. I am always skeptical of skincare, but I was pleasantly surprise when I read the label on the back. The first few ingredients include aloe oil, jojoba oil, lavender and white tea extract. This is not an alcohol-based product with a few drops of natural stuff added to the mix. It’s the real deal, which justifies the retail price tag in my opinion. I have been using it every night, and I love it. Not oily, just rich and creamy and I’ve been waking up with a nice little glow and well-rested.


I also love the coconut oil, which I use daily as a moisturizer for my skin and hair and in my smoothies here and there. I’ve had it for about a month and I’ve barely made a dent in it. Plus, it looks way nicer in my bathroom that a big bulky jar of coconut oil.

The journal. I’m a writer, so this may be biased, but I love the look, feel and small size that fits (but doesn’t get lost) in my bag. It’s made from recycled material and non-toxic paper, so it just works with my lifestyle.

The Jewelry Box: It followed the same summery “freedom” theme and included:

·      Inspirational card about the theme

·      An information card listing each item with a description and its value, with a look at a couple of the items you’ll get the following month

·      Blue and white agate necklace ($48 value)

·      Matching agate bracelet ($22 value)

·      Homefree crunchy chocolate mint cookies (no value listed)


Inside the Jewelry Box

Inside the Jewelry Box

That’s a $70 value, let’s make it an even $72 with the cookies. I would probably pay $30 for the necklace, $15 for the bracelet and $2 for the cookies putting my perceived value at $47, again significantly higher than the $24.99 price tag of the box.


The bracelet and necklace aren’t really my style, but I have several friends in mind who would certainly appreciate this, so I would most likely gift these items. The stones are authentic agate and well-made products, so I would feel really good about gifting this to a friend and only paying $24.99.


But you better believe I ate the cookies, they were a nice snack and are whole grain, gluten-free, egg and dairy-free with “no artificial anything.” I’m into it.


Who it’s best for

Definitely any yogi since it caters specifically to them with the pose cards in the lifestyle box, but not only them. Anyone who is into holistic health, wellness and just an overall clean, healthy lifestyle would enjoy both lifestyle and jewelry box. The jewelry box could definitely cater to those with a fun bohemian/eclectic style and also those who are into the metaphysical properties of crystals. The value is excellent for what you’re getting.


Final thoughts

I really enjoyed these subscription boxes, and the fact that it incorporates the element of surprise BUT gives you a sneak peak of what you can expect next month. It makes you wonder what other goodies will be in your box. I love all the items in the Lifestyle box, and even if I didn’t love something, I would feel great about gifting it. As for the jewelry box, although I’d gift the items I received for the July box, that’s only because I don’t wear a whole lot of blue-and white. I’d anticipate what was coming up next and definitely would be interested in more of their goodies (and snacks!)


If I were to describe this to anyone, I’d say that it’s like “Coachella in a Box,” and I have nothing but praises to sing about not just the products, but the company and their messaging, too.


I've linked to them below if you want to check them out. If you enter your email on their site, they'll give you $5 off your first purchase ;)

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